we believe we are set for better results

Mahoo Girls' Secondary School - Taita Taveta County

The School Principal

The School management and staff works hand in hand with students and parents to ensure better results. The school Principal Ms Janet Talu has brought positive results in academics and personal students confidence. With easy way of solving and reaching amicable solutions to students problems, she is a darling to all the girls and students. See others teachers on our picture gallery. The efforts by the management and staff the school is aiming to ensure a steady positive results are posted yearly

The School

love mahoo girls secondary school

Teachers service commission


Well trained experienced teachers led by qualified and friendly principal Madam Janet Talu. We endeavour to continue aiming higher for excellency

Best Girls schools in Coast


We are taught to face life positively and with courage. The school has equipped us with enough knowledge to ensure we become better we.

Mission and Vision


The school currently is well equipped with adequate facilities to facilitate smooth learning. With previous good grades we believe we are set for better results

Talent Discovery Centre


Music unite and employ. We nature and develop this with passion to ensure the best voices come from our school.

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This is an area where students are encouraged to participate as its a potential area of self reliance in the society

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Beauty Show

Beauty shows enable student to discover themselves and be courageous in real life situations for their future lives.

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